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Why should you join MAMA?

The Social Events:

MAMA will be hosting several of the sickest social events this year! MAMA membership gives you either free or discounted entry into all of these events

The Employment Opportunities:

If you want vacation and graduate work, MAMA is for you! MAMA regularly holds events that provide students the opportunity to network with industry professionals, hone their interview skills, demonstrate what needs to be on a resume and gain employment opportunities.

The Sporting Teams:

Whether you’re a sporting star, just wanting to look shredded but can’t be bothered hitting up the gym or just after a bit of fun on the field, MAMA has a team for you. Both the UQ Inter-Faculty Competition and UQ Social Sports competition are teeming with MAMA teams. MAMA gives you a choice of competing in: TRL, Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Soccer.

The Merchandise:

MAMA merch is without a doubt the swaggiest on campus! you can strut your stuff in a sexy selection of MAMA gear.